Why SERPs Vary Across Browsers and What are the Factors Affect SERPs?

In this highly developed and technically advanced world, we don’t need to hassle much for any information. It is because Google provides everything we need within seconds. Founded in 1998, it has grown tremendously and now became an integral part of our work and entertainment. 

Google has the information about everything we search on its platform. But, the results that we get after searching, may not be the same on every browser. The Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) vary from person to person and browser to browser. Google gives us very personalized search results depending on our activities on the browsers. 

You may have seen that when you search the same thing on Google in different browsers, the search results vary. So, it is very important to know what are the factors that affect the search results, because it can help you to target the audience in your marketing campaigns. Google’s algorithms change regularly and no one knows how exactly the algorithms work. But, there are some factors that impact the Search results when we Google something. 

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The Device used 

Ever wondered why the SERPs are different when searched in mobile, laptops or any other devices. It is because Google and other search engines store the search cookies in the browsers. These cookies contain the information about the previous searches, language and place preferences, profile information etc. So, the search results will be different on different devices. It is highly difficult to conduct the same kind of searches on every device like mobile phone, desktop, laptop etc. 

Also, it is important to understand that the mobile search engine results will be different from that of desktop computers, because mobile phones handle cookies differently than desktops do. Also, this is the reason that the SERPs are different for different people. 

So, if you are targeting the mobile phone audience, because most of the people use mobiles these days, then it is really important to understand this concept and plan a mobile strategy accordingly. Take the help of a good website designing company in Hyderabad who can develop a good responsive website that adapts the screen size of every device easily. Responsive websites are very important because Google give more preference to responsive website which adapts mobile screen sizes easily. 

The Search History

Google keeps all the search history which you have searched, it’ll keep track of all the previous search results and the history in the form of cookies. Google uses this data to provide highly personalized search engine results when you google something on the internet. It also saves time by showing the results according to our preference. 

Even if you use the same device, the SERPs results will vary on different browsers like chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. It is because you may not search the same on every browser. So, our activities on each browser are stored in the browsers history and that impacts on the search results. 

With the history stored on browsers, search engines give personalized and relevant results. We all have our own preferred browser, and chrome is a product of Google, so it gives more personalized and relevant content. 

Location or Place

Location is an important factor which impacts the search engine results. The search results may differ from place to place, like if you search “Café near me” in a search engine, it provides the results based on the location from where you have searched. 

Even in the same geographical locations, search engine results vary for local places. It is because, as above stated, the browser stores every activity like your previous search, location and where you frequently visit etc. So, the website ranking on SERPs depends on the location. 

If you have any online stores or if you are planning to go online, you must know this, because it can help you get leads. So, taking the help of an Ecommerce website development company in Hyderabad, can help you to reach your targeted audience in the preferred location. 

So, all these 3 factors clearly say that the SERPs depend on the cookies. The browsers cookies play a key role in the website ranking. It is also a fact that everyone needs to understand that we cannot control these 3 factors. Because they are completely dependent on the people’s interest and taste. But, it’s very important to know them because it can help in creating marketing strategies. 

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