Top 5 Remarketing Strategies to Optimize Your Ad Campaigns & Maximize Sales!

Have you ever wondered how to target lost contacts or clients?

Here are some great remarketing ad strategies that help in winning more sales! 

Retargeting or remarketing is gaining momentum in the PPC world with good reason. While display campaigns have on average lower click-through rates than search campaigns (0.5% & 4% respectively), retargeting ads extend the inherent branding opportunity found in display ads to target transactional users who are more likely to convert.

This is especially useful for the 67% of people who abandon their cart (according to the Baymard Institute) – people who have already expressed interest in your product, but for some reason did not convert. 

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What is Remarketing?

Remarketing or retargeting, is one of the effective ways to reach your customers precisely with the proper message at the right time, factor in their customer adventure.

Remarketing is a successful practice that uses commercials to target the audience who have already shown a hobby or interest in your products/services by means of visiting your website.  

This article focuses on how to handle remarketing campaigns after success or failure, and how to ensure long-term customer engagement, customer retention, and repeat purchases. 

Why should you use Remarketing?    

If you still have to see ads, would you rather not see ads that are highly relevant and tailored to your interests? Chances are, you are more likely to click on an ad offering what you really need.  

Well, your customers think the same way. 

Remarketing ads are 10 times more likely to be clicked than regular paid display ads. 

When you start to think carefully about your audience, it will be easier for you to personalize your ads and be competitive with the 1,700 ads per month that average internet users see. 

Remarketing turns potential customers into customers. Statistics show that remarketing ads are shown 76% more often than regular display ads. While people want their ads to be relevant to different audiences, they may seem generic or cliché. However, remarketing ads are more targeted and creative because they are designed to convert viewers who didn’t choose your product in the first place. Therefore, the strategy behind the design is very different from remarketing ads. 

SanBrains-top digital marketing agency in Hyderabad has rounded up the best remarketing strategies to optimize ad campaigns and maximize the sales.    

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Top 5 Proven Remarketing Strategies 

At this point, you are probably great at creating ad campaigns.    

You may have users clicking on your ads and the number continues to skyrocket, but what’s next? What are the chances that the same users would click again? Because, that’s the point, right? Those users really matter who keep coming back to your ads & converting those clicks into bids. Your goal, of course, is to turn clicks into a real service, and how do you do it? 

Well, with remarketing ads. You must know what remarketing is before you know how to improve your strategies when it comes to it. 

Remarketing or retargeting is a marketing strategy that uses information about website visitors known to the marketer. This information is used to display advertisements that visitors see while browsing the Internet. 

There are two categories of people you need to be targeting in your remarketing campaigns. They are:

Users who visited your online site sometime in the past. You will learn how to track certain people so that you can advertise them through Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or other browsing networks. These people engage with you whether they see your page and leave immediately, or spend time on it but not take the action you want, like joining your mailing list or buying a product. 

Those who have visited a competitor’s website. They have expressed interest in your niche products and content but have not found your site yet. You can also redirect them if you’re smart, and this blog post will show you how. 

This blog post is about how to run remarketing campaigns after the initial ad campaign worked (or didn’t) and how customers will continue to attract, retain and buy again and again. Now we can look at different strategies to help you retain new and old visitors with remarketing campaigns. 

1. Retain your Customers as Clients     

This is very important for your remarketing campaigns. In order for the client to remain a buyer, it is necessary to tailor the offer to his specific needs. So in a situation where a customer has just bought the latest iPhone, they don’t need to see ads for a specific product or move to another phone. This can give the buyer remorse at the feature level or make them think they could get a better deal if they waited. 

They are more likely to convert if they see a compatible headset or charger in an ad. After using Google’s dynamic remarketing product during beta testing, users experienced “2x more conversions and 60% lower CPA”. This proves the value of product recommendations among new converters. 

2. Divide your Remarketing Campaigns    

Don’t treat all visitors to your site the same. Segment your remarketing strategies to better respond to your customers’ wants and needs. The time a visitor spends on your web, the number of pages they view, and the pages they visit can affect how hostile or encouraging your remarketing should be. 

You can create different calls to action (CTAs) for different sales funnel metrics with links to goal-driven web pages for each segmented ad category. Track conversion rates and create workflow segments to help your prospects sell. 

3. Use Dynamic Innovative Ads   

You have probably experimented with dynamic product ads on Facebook, but have you tried innovative dynamic ads? Dynamic creative ads are a top-notch promotional tool because they take the guesswork out of your ads and marketing copy in the long run. 

You can add more than one snapshot or motion picture, headline and outline versions, and CTA button text, and Facebook will automatically test and optimize amazing combinations. 

4. Offer Coupons & Discounts 

The other strategy to get people to subscribe with remarketing is to provide them with compelling offers and offers. This is especially evident in the case of FOMO (fear of missing out), where a 24 hour sale will encourage the viewer to take the plunge and become your customer. Similarly, distributing coupons and offering compelling deals will attract your customers as e-commerce is dominated by comparison shopping. 

Thus, posting attractive offers ensures that you stay at the top of the rankings and also ensures that you do not lose your potential customers due to external competition.

5. Make use of Various Marketing Platforms

Just like the initial marketing, remarketing also requires creative distribution using various platforms like Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. including Facebook. Using multiple forums will allow you to create a successful campaign targeting people who have expressed interest but have not yet registered as your customers.

It also allows you to deliver specific content such as promotions that motivate people to click on your landing page. You can send emails if the prospect has shared their email ID with you. 

People won’t buy from you the first time they see a new ad. At least the vast majority won’t. Instead, remember that consistency wins the game (and the client!). 

This is where the ad funnel comes into play, and you can use retargeting ads to guide users through the next stage of the funnel. One of the most common reasons brands create retargeting ads on Facebook is to create a funnel. Start with a brand awareness ad that introduces you to your target market.  

Sure, some people will click and convert right away, but there’s a good chance that most won’t. You can run remarketing campaigns that show your ad to users who have previously saved or interacted with your ad. At this stage, you can focus more on conversions or lead generation.

Remarketing campaigns will help your business increase landing page clicks without lead generation if you have a high traffic website. Focus on educating traffic related to your business, your assets, and how you solve their problems. Yes, getting leads and sales is the main goal; this is what advertising bills cover. However, you can increase brand awareness and cultivate lost leads by directing interested customers to a “free” page where you don’t ask for anything in return. 

This strategy also results in a higher sale value and a more loyal customer when they are ready to make a purchase. 

Now you know how to promote your next remarketing ad campaign to reach more potential customers. We hope these tips help you in many ways. However, if you want to know more in detail and get the most out of your remarketing campaigns, we are here to help you. SanBrains offers the best digital marketing services in Hyderabad that makes it easy and hassle-free for you to implement your remarketing strategies. 

Grow your brand, attain success and remember the customers who are still visiting your site, and start getting sales from those who just forgot about it. 

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