What is Cost Per View (CPV) & How it is calculated?

Cost Per View:

Gone those days when we used to go to the printing press to generate pamphlets and banners to advertise for our brand. It is all digital advertisements going on with the help of images, catchy headlines, and videos. They post the videos on a website or YouTube channel that has more traffic or followers. But what does the owner of that website who is allowing advertisements to gain?

What is Cost per view?

Cost per view or CPV is defined as a maximum amount, that an advertiser pays to you. When the viewer watches his advertisements. It is a bidding process where we can keep the maximum price. Let me explain this with an example so that you can understand it clearly. Furthermore, you can get to know more about this with the help of best PPC services where CPV comes into existence and you can also get through the best digital marketing agency in Hyderabad.

How does it work with an example?

So you are the owner of a YouTube channel having more than 1m users. I own a company and I want to advertise my brands with the help of your videos. So I contact you to place my ads at the beginning or in between or at the end of your videos. I pay you 0.25$ if your viewer watches my whole and which is of 30 seconds or if we interact with me. whatever comes first I pay you for that.

It, not only limits for YouTube, video advertisements are placed all over the websites and for every click, the owner of the website gets paid by the advertiser. You can also go through or check out the detailed information about carousel and dynamic display ads which enables you to run paid campaigns.

What are the benefits of CPV?
  • Create brand awareness
  • Reduces the cost of advertising
  • Helps target clients
  • Increases traffic
  • Pay only for clicked ads.

Cost per view has gained a lot of importance in recent times. It has the ability to reach millions of users in a span of 3 to 8 minutes. So the advertisers are opting this method to increase their market.

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