Best Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad Guides to Rank Targeted Keywords in 10 Effective Steps

It’s a common duty for Google to rank a page for the particular keywords. Furthermore, most of the times, we fail to get the proper results as Google ranks a keyword other than what you targeted. In addition to this, if you have started a new website, using digital marketing strategies to rank a keyword, then you need to make the best use of content marketing and SEO strategies.

However, it’s not so easy to rank a page for a particular keyword. But if you use the right techniques or methods then you rank your page for the targeted keywords. Also, in order to drive maximum traffic to your website and grow your business, you need to select the related high volume keywords. Therefore, the Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad helps you to use effective strategies and get success in driving traffic to your website.

Effective Groundwork:

Before you actually start any work, it’s important to do groundwork in order to analyze and choose the further steps. This is mostly termed as a pre-step that should be taken seriously in order to rank for a keyword. If you are aiming for a particular keyword ranking then you need to develop a strong website with maximum trust and authority.

Hence, the groundwork includes following the best SEO practices, a built-in network, and effective online presence on the Social Media sites.

Furthermore, eCommerce Website Development Company in Hyderabad helps you to develop a strong website by sharing effective content like blog posts and getting a strong backlink that builds the trust and authority of your website. However, groundwork plays an important role and if you don’t perform such activities primarily, then you need to do such things in the later stage.

Keyword Research:

When you have gone through the project and what your website aims, you might have some keywords of which you have targeted to rank. Though you have enough knowledge, it’s important to go through the facts and figures. Furthermore, you can use the various SEO tools through which you can check the volume of the different keywords.

In addition, you need to use certain techniques like if you want to get results within a short time then you need to target good volume keywords and if there is no deadline for the results then you can aim for high volume keywords. Also, there will be a thin line difference between the relevancy of the different keywords. So, you need to choose the right keyword based on your business model.

Check the Competition:

When you have chosen the list of relevant keywords according to the volume, mark the keywords for which you want to rank the page. Also, you need to applicate the various SEO strategies in order to improve the ranking of your website for the targeted keywords.

It’s very important to analyze the domains and the URLs that match your business. You also need to check what type of content that is helping the website to get ranked. In addition to this, you can make use of a plugin that enables you to check the authority of your competitor’s website, their link profiles, and also the age of their business.

Consider Intent:

One of the best Digital Marketing strategies is to know the purpose of the user’s query. If you consider the intent using the specific keywords which turns as a long tail keyword, then your work becomes a bit easier. For instance:

    • Digital marketing
    • Digital Marketing Company
  • Best Digital Marketing Company
  • Best Digital Marketing Company in Hyderabad

In the above-mentioned points, as you go down the list, you can guess the intent that the user is searching for the Best Digital Marketing Company specifically in Hyderabad to receive the best digital marketing services in Hyderabad. Similarly, for the other projects, you can choose high volume keywords and try to guess the queries from the user’s point of view.

Conceptualize the Content:

Content acts like a king in getting rank and also to improve the ranking of your website. Therefore, you need to conceptualize the content before you write or create the content. Furthermore, eCommerce Development Company help you to develop the content in the form of an article, blog posts, product page, infographic, etc.

Also, you need to create the content effectively as it makes the user read and attract with the services of your business. It also acts as one of the methods to gain trust and authority for your website.


Now the situation arises where you need to execute your plan. Furthermore, one of the best digital marketing strategies is you need to use high-quality content which will be more beneficial for the user or the searcher. If you stuff your content with the keywords which will get over optimization, then Google does not prefer your content and it becomes difficult for you to improve the ranking of your website. In such cases, you can go for the Pay per click method instead of putting efforts to get ranked in the organic search results.

Optimize your Targeted Keywords:

When you have listed the high volume keywords or the targeted keywords, you need to optimize the keywords while creating the content. In addition to this, you need to maintain the keyword density guidelines of your targeted keywords as per the Google search engine.

You can also use invisible places to optimize the keywords like saving the image file names or the video file names with your targeted keywords. This will not be visible to the readers and it saves your content from over optimizations through which you can also improve the ranking of your website.

Publish your Content:

When you have performed all the above-mentioned steps or points then it’s time for you to showcase your content so that the world can have an eye on it. Furthermore, when you are about to publish the content, it’s important for you to coordinate with the interested parties of the eCommerce Development Company. Also, based on your project and content that you have created, you need to schedule a proper time to publish it which may be related to news, event or trend.


You cannot just get ranking or drive traffic to your website only by publishing the content. In addition to this, you need to promote your content or the pages using the digital marketing strategies in order to improve the ranking of your website. Furthermore, you need to share your content on the various Social media sites through which you can drive more traffic to your website.

When you use social buttons or widgets on your page, it becomes easier for the people to share on the other social media sites through which you can get more traffic to your website. You can also go through the link building and get strong backlinks to your website which transforms your business to the next level.


Though you have published the content and done many promotions to improve the ranking of your website. In addition to this, along with the application of various digital marketing techniques, you need to analyze the website with the help of the Google analytics tool. It helps you to check whether you have optimized the keywords properly, used the high-quality content, and for which keywords you are getting ranking and driving traffic. Hence, you need to apply such effective methods for the keyword ranking and also to improve traffic to your website.

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