People nowadays using social networking sites more often than before. They are not leaving any stone unturned and working in a smart way using smart devices for their social media marketing services and brand promotion. They are becoming creative and advertising through social networking sites. There are two types of ads when it comes to social media, they are :

  1. Carousel ads
  2. Dynamic Ads

To begin with, we use both carousel and dynamic display ads on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc. We use carousel and dynamic display ads heavily On Facebook.

What are the carousel ads?

Carousel ads are those ads where we can attach 3 to 5 images under one advertisement. Mobile users swipe through the advertisements whereas desktop users use the mouse to right click and left click to move to throw the images. These advertisements so fun to use. They don’t only look attractive but also provides more information in one advertisement using multiple images.

What are the benefits of carousel ads?

There are a lot more benefits of using carousel ads compared to dynamic ads. Few of them being,

  • We can describe how to use the product through the use of multiple images
  • Multiple images help us to show one product in different colors
  • It makes the advertisement more attractive
  • We can show our offers or discount in the form of an image by image
What are the dynamic ads?

Dynamic ads are created in a quick real-time based on our search results, cookies, and geographical location. How they work is if you have searched for some ‘ABC’ on google and you then opened Facebook.  As you scroll through your Facebook page then an advertisement appears in your news feed about ‘ABC’. these are real-time advertisements.

Benefits of dynamic ads:
  • Increases Customer Engagement.
  • Increases the chances of selling the product to a particular customer.
  • Real-time advertisements.
  • It saves time by showing relevant headlines.

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