Why Your Website’s Speed is Holding You Back?

No one wants their efforts to get wasted. So, in order to experience the success of your website, you should not get back with the site’s performance and search engine optimization strategies. If you are running a website for your business or an online store, your website’s speed and performance play a major role. It helps the users interact with your content with ease and also enables you to get more traffic, repetitive visits, and also enhance your overall page rankings.

However, our advanced Website Design and Development Services help you to overcome the poor speed and performance of your website. According to Google’s latest algorithm update, the speed of your site is also considered as one of the ranking factors. So, if you want to improve the ranking of your website, you need to applicate some of the techniques to improve the load time of your website.

Why Google is more concerned with the site’s speed?

Google is fond of changing its strategies and algorithms. So, with the Google latest algorithm update, website load time has the maximum impact of the page rankings. How long it takes your website to load? Google considers this point for filtration among multiple sites which are relevant and comparable authority statistics. Furthermore, the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad provides you effective digital marketing services considering advanced strategies and techniques to grow your business.

In addition to this, page load time is given great importance as it is the main thing that offers value to the internet user. It enhances customer satisfaction, enables more return visits, increases the share rates and thus, lowers the bounce rates. Therefore, this adds value to the website and also gains authority.

However, when you are working for the development of your company or website, you need to constantly check the growth and performance of your website. In addition to this, you can check out the SEO trends in 2019 which allows you to applicate the latest search engine optimization strategies and enhance your business growth. Furthermore, you can go through some of the common factors that are responsible to slow down your website’s speed.

Hosting service should provide more quality and reliability as it is one of the major factors to increase the speed of your website. If your hosting service is not offering you the quality and if your website pages are taking much time to load, then you need to make a decision to shift to the different hosting service. Thus, standard and advanced Website Design and Development Services play a crucial role in developing the performance and speed of your website.

Too Many Widgets or Plugins: –

When you are using a content management system like WordPress, it holds a lot of plugins behind the scenes. Furthermore, when you host each plugin to your website, you make a file request to each one of those. In addition to this, each plugin file has to load CSS files and JavaScript. Thus, if you request more files, then it adds more weight to your website or page and in turn, takes a long time to load.

You need to add more necessary plugins like podcasts links, widgets of social sharing and thus, you need to maintain at a minimal level. Too many unnecessary plugins can seriously kill your website’s speed so try to avoid some. You can check some of the latest SEO trends in 2019 and get to know the importance of page loading time of your website.

Graphics and Extra-Large Images: –

It’s true that images on your website or page attract the attention of most of the users. However, do you remember the olden days where it used to take a long time to load an image? Though things have improved, the general principle will be the same. So, if you use large size images on your website pages, it also takes extra time to load.

In addition to this, the file format is also considered when you put images on your web pages. Furthermore, the best Website Design and Development Services allow you to use the images with file extensions like jpg, png, and gif. However, it’s advisable for you to avoid the large size images with the file extensions of tiff and bmp. Best Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad will help you to use the images that are effective to your website.

Design & Theme of Your Website: –

If you are the owner of your business or website then it’s general that you might wish to have a site that is bold, unique, and attractive. However, in order to develop such a bold and attractive theme, you need to add some additional code while developing a website.

Thus, if you go for some extra things, you need to take some extra efforts that take extra time to load a website. Hence, complex design themes can slow down your loading time which also affects the development of your business. You can go through some of the effective Website Design and Development Services which enables you to use the best design and improve the performance of your website.

CSS and JavaScript: –

If your website is taking more time to load then code density will also be the issue. If you know the programming languages like CSS, JavaScript, HTML then you might be aware of the code behind your website.

Furthermore, it uses the denser elements and you can see the enormous amount of code staying back of your website.

Too Many Ads: –

Ads are also one of the ways that provide revenue to your business. Furthermore, if you have given place for loading too many advertisements on your website or pages, then it reduces the website’s speed. This, in turn, gives a path for an increase in bounce rates.

Hence, according to Google’s latest algorithm update and search engine optimization strategies, don’t let your website’s speed get down due to the inclusion of too many ads on your page or the website.

More Traffic: –

Best Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad offer effective search engine optimization strategies so that you can increase the traffic of your website. Though you can enhance your business growth if you get a lot of traffic to your website, your website might slow down in the loading process.

Suppose, when you are trying to book a train ticket and standing in a long queue, you will get the ticket but it takes some more time. The same technique applies here and your server will try to manage your website traffic but it might slow down somewhere.

So, how to test your website’s speed and take preventive measures?

Best Digital Marketing Agency in Hyderabad applicates advanced strategy and uses the number of tools to check the speed and performance of your website. In addition, there are many tools which are free and allow the webmasters to test their website’s speed. Thus, you can take some preventive measures and makes some changes through which you can improve the overall performance of your website.

  • YSlow – It offers a detailed report on the performance of your website with some suggestions that you can applicate to increase the website’s speed and performance.
  • Pingdom – It is very simple to use and it shows you general performance grade of your website.
  • Google Analytics – Under the content sub-section, there is a website’s speed analytics where you can have a look at it and check the daily performance.
  • Web Page Test – This is the most comprehensive tool to check the performance of your website.
  • Page Speed Insights – When you put your website URL in the space provided and submit it, then you can get an instant evaluation report of your website’s speed. You can also go through the recommendations to increase the speed of your website.