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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising:

Pay per click is one of the best revenue generation models in a shorter period of time. It is considered to be one of the best models because your advertisement is shown to a right person at a right time.

The PPC statistics that are provided below enlighten you. For every one rupee spent on Google adwords, 2 rupees can be generated on an average. Brand awareness can be boosted by 80% through paid search. Display advertising boosts up the website traffic by 300%

SanBrains is expertized in the Pay per click advertising management. We grasp primarily your requirement and then we analyze everything in all the aspects and we choose precise strategies to deliver the desired outcome to you.

Search Engine Advertising

: In order to generate leads or sales to your business, search engine advertising plays an integral role and it all depends on choosing an accurate keyword or investing your money on a right keyword. Sanbrains operates all the activities decisively which results in making your investment worth and making it rather less cost per click.

Display advertising

Having said that display advertising boosts up the website traffic by 300%. The efficiency of display advertising is relatively higher because a product or service can be displayed on a numerous websites all over the world. Viewers would be more engaged and engrossed to the display advertising as your product or service emerge in various branded forms like Flash image or Animated image or video etc.

Social Media Advertising

: Bringing new customers or traffic to a website instantly and persistently is rather strenuous process. But with the assistance of social media advertising, driving the new traffic or customers to a new website is achievable efficiently and comprehensively. If you can bring the consistent traffic, immediate traffic would be lacking in any process. Besides getting consistent customers, an immediate enhancement can be seen by social media advertising. SanBrains makes your social media advertising campaigns more successful and makes you to get the persistent and instant traffic from its inception.

Shopping campaigns and ads

Statistics have ascertained that click through rate is relatively higher to the shopping ads. Higher traffic and better qualified leads are attained by running the shopping campaigns and ads.

If you want to draw traffic to your E-commerce website, SanBrains makes your website to get the efficient traffic by running shopping campaigns and ads in different social media.

Remarketing Ads

The conversion rate would be always higher in the remarketing ads because people who have already visited your website or the people who have used your app are targeted by showing the relevant ads at the time of their purchase.

We’ve got enough experience to create award winning campaigns on Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.


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